Dodgy Dave's

"Guide to Spanish"

May's Phrases

Dave has kindly agreed to offer us the benefit of his lingual skills with some really useful phrases which you can learn. Try to practice saying them out loud to strangers you meet - it’s a great way to make new friends and impress people!
Note: you’ve also got to match up the English with the Spanish. Answers at bottom of page

a. La cuenta, por favor.
b. He perdido mi pollo
c. Debo apagado ver al mago
d. Yo estoy embarazada
e. ¿Puede calentarlo?
f. Quédese con el cambio
g. No hay corriente
h. Es demiasiado caro
i. Quisiera un parfait
j. Me duele este diente
k. ¿Hay una escuela de esqui?
l. Necesito una bateria nueva
m. Soy un amigo de Al Gore
n. ¿Elvis ha estado aquí?

1. Keep the change
2. Can you warm this up?
3. There is no electricity
4. That's too expensive
5. I'd like a ski pass
6. This tooth hurts
7. Is there a ski school?
8. I am a friend of Al Gore
9. The bill, please
10. Has Elvis been here?
11. I need a new battery
12. I'm off to see the wizard
13. I have lost my chicken
14. I am pregnant



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