Dodgy Dave's

"Guide to Spanish"

June's Phrases

Dave has kindly agreed to offer us the benefit of his linguistic skills (again) with some really useful phrases which you can learn. Try to practice saying them out loud to strangers you meet - it’s a great way to make new friends and impress people!

I am very tired

Soy muy casado

Would you like a lift in my car?

¿Usted tienen gusto de un paseo en mi burro?

I have run out of gas

Yo tiro un pedo

I’m the King of England

¡Soy la reina de Inglaterra!

My other car is a porshe

Mi otro carra es un corolla

You are very good-looking

Hombre, usted es muy feo

Would you like fries with that?

¿Usted tienen gusto de las papas con eso?

Can I have two beers, please?

¿Puedo tener dos viagra, por favor?

My favorite pets are dogs, but I don’t like them barking.

Mis animales domésticos preferidos son pollos, pero no tengo gusto de ellos crudos.

Do you think I’m sexy?

¿Usted me piensa es acre?

Please note: Dave is not a qualified Spanish tutor, and the Gringo Times cannot be held liable for any altercations you may get into using Dave’s phrases.

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