Ten Reasons to Color Your Ad

1. Readers prefer to see ads in color. Today’s reader lives in a four-color world.

2. Adding one color to a black-and-white ad produces higher noting scores. Twenty percent higher than black-and-white ads.

3. Talk about stopping power. Four-color ROP ads are noted 13 percent more often than two-color ads—and 20 percent more often than black-and-white ads.

4. Color ads do more than capture incremental attention. Color compels people to read ads. One color read most scores are higher than those for black-and-white ads and conversion rates from noting to read most is higher, 62 percent higher
than read most scores in black-and-white ads

5. A full-color ad doesn’t just draw the reader’s attention—it captures it! A color ad boosts in-depth reading 60 percent more than a black-and-white ad.

6. Newspapers offer excellent color reproduction. Your color will not just jump off the page, it will clearly and vividly represent your image.

7. Because you can! We can provide full color and even glossy ads in the run of the paper.

8. Color more closely depicts product offerings. Color influences image and attitude.

9. Color is more cost efficient than ever. Color garners results significantly in excess of its incremental cost.

10. Color offers a competitive advantage both building your brand and jumping out of the page. Strategically, color pulls the eye from the headline toward the dominant art element.

Source: NAA Ad Elements Study, 1999 (How to Win and Hold Consumers’ Attention—The Elements of Effective Newspaper