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NEW - August will see a dedicated section on the Gringo Times website to feature properties and developments in the Dominican Republic.

Prices will be extremely competative and will ensure a great way to get thousands of extra visitors to your website.
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Thousands of tourists visit the North Coast every month, many of whom are considering buying a second home here for investment, retirement or relocation. For many, the local newspaper is the first place they turn to in their initial search for property offers.

"Selling just one extra property over the year would more than pay for a whole year's full page advertising!"
If they see your business advertising a selection of your property listings in the local paper, then they are highly likely to contact you first.

If you are not in the local newspaper, consider how many prospects you are losing each month?

Advertising with the Gringo Times

There are a number of options you can take advantage of. We can asist with setting out your advert for free should you need us to. Your advert can be in full color or black and white and can include as many photos as you like.

We can even print your advert on glossy paper so it stands out (extra costs apply).

For maximum exposure, consider advertising on the back page, the center double page spread or even the front page.

It is also possible to advertise on the Gringo Times website which is receiving many visitors from around the world, interested in finding out about the Dominican Republic or keeping in touch.

The advertising costs are minimal in comparison to your potential benefits. Selling just one extra property over the year would more than pay for a whole year's full page advertising!

There are tourists right now sitting in on the beach, in their hotel or in a bar reading the Gringo Times. Are they seeing your advert - or your competitor's?

Can you really afford to miss out?

Note: We are now getting many visitors to our website from Canada, the US and Europe who are reading the Gringo Times online.

All advertisers now also get a direct link from our website to theirs.

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