Advertising for Bars and Restaurants

We know historically many all-inclusives have encouraged tourists not to leave the resort to visit bars and restaurants outside. In fact some tourists might not even know how much there is to see and do in the towns. These tourists are reading the Gringo Times, as it's available in many hotels and hotel shops at street and beach vendors, as well as being available online.

"Getting just ONE extra customer will probably more than pay for your advert!"
Thousands of tourists do not know where you are or even that you exist. Let them know who you are and what you do. Why not feature a promotional happy hour or special offer in Gringo Times to pull in those happy tourists? You could even include your menu in the newspaper along with an offer to collect diners from their hotel.

We have a detailed map of the Sosua and Puerto Plata which goes every newspaper where we can pin-point your exact location along with your special promotion.

And what about the local residents who live here for part of the year or all year round? Why not remind them why they should visit you. Each extra customer is extra profit for you.

One of the most cost-effective way of ensuring that Gringo Times readers visit your business, is to include a voucher/coupon or special offer in the newspaper. If the coupon offers a 2 for 1, or a free drink when the voucher is handed in, not only will you attract more customers, but you will be able to accurately measure the response to your ad.

You can provide your own advert or use our free newspaper advert designing service.

Don't leave getting more customers to chance - the Gringo Times is the one sure way to boost your business.

If you are not in the local newspaper, consider how many potential customers you are losing each month?

Can you really afford to miss out?

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From August, we will have a great new section on our website for nightlife and entertainment. Here we will feature bars, restaurants and other fun venues. Website visitors can click straight through to your website from the Gringo Times. Advertising rates will be extremely competative and will ensure a cost-effective way to promote your business.

The entertainment page will be promoted on the front page of the website and also promoted in the print version of the Gringo Times. Benefit from thousands of website visiors each month.

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