10 Things a Good Ad Does

1. A good ad must stop the reader from turning the page.

2. Sells a product’s benefits rather than its features: People buy based on what the product does for them not on what ingredients it has.

3. Promotes the name of the store or brand while visually creating an image for it.

4. Speaks to a specific group of people.

5. Provides all the facts a reader needs without providing too many.

6. Conveys its message simply. It is believable and honest.

7. Is news: Readers say advertising in newspapers is as important as the news. It is in fact a primary reason that people seek out advertising in newspapers.

8. Sells answers to consumer’s current needs. Advertising sells to people’s wants and not just needs. If people need transportation, they want a Mercedes. If they need clothing, they want Polo.

9. A good ad uses white space. Crammed ads get poor results because readers don’t want to work that hard.

10. A good ad has a sense of urgency. It tells the reader to do something.