Ten Reasons to Advertise
in the Local Newspaper

1. Reach. No other advertising vehicle has the reach of newspapers. Fifty-four percent read a newspaper on an average weekday. Sixty-three percent read a newspaper on an average Sunday.

2. Quality. Your very best prospects are newspaper readers. People who are typically labeled upscale all count themselves as newspaper readers, meaning upper income, higher education, professional/managerial occupations. Among adults with $75,000+ incomes, 63 percent read the daily newspaper while 71 percent of the same group read a Sunday newspaper. With $50,000 a year incomes 60 percent read a daily paper and 75 percent a Sunday. Sixty percent of college graduates read a daily newspaper and 69 percent a Sunday. Of executive administrative and managerial adults, 59 percent read a daily newspaper and 67 percent a Sunday.

3. Targeted. From targeting ad placement by section readership, using inserts to finitely deliver to a few residential blocks, newspapers can fine-tune your message.

4. Immediate. Newspaper advertising is among the fastest forms of advertising with extremely short deadlines that allow ads to be created and run in a matter of days.

5. Flexibility. Newspapers, unlike most media, allow the advertiser to build an ad in any size.

6. Credibility/trust. More than any other medium, consumers believe respected people use newspapers. More than two-thirds (68 percent) of the public said newspaper is the medium they respect. What does that say about the advertising newspapers contain?

7. Selective vs. intrusive. Shoppers are less willing today to accept advertising that is spooned out to them. They seek out advertising on their own. Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) said at least once a week—and 16 percent said almost every day.
Newspapers are the medium shoppers use most—63 percent. No other medium gets into the double digits. Catalogs (nine percent), direct mail (eight percent) and TV (seven percent) are the next best and all three are a long way from most shoppers’ first choice.

8. Environment. The newspaper editorial environment typically adds credibility and legitimacy to the brand being advertised. To readers, the advertising in a newspaper is every bit as important as the news.

9. Relied upon. Newspaper advertising is a valuable commodity to readers. A recent research study surveyed shoppers’ attitudes about which type of media they preferred for retail advertising. In terms of media used to check out ads and compare prices the most valuable media in planning shopping, most convenient, most up-to-date, most trustworthy,
believable and preferred, newspapers out distanced all other forms combined.

10. Results. Newspaper advertising works! While this point should go without saying, the fact remains that newspapers are frequently thought of as a results medium. Newspaper ads create traffic, move merchandise and, yes, establish brands. We cannot lose track of the notion that, in a world of thousands of messages a day, advertising in newspapers is one sure thing when it comes to producing results.

Source: Scarborough Research 2003, Release 1 (Top 50 Market Report).