Ten Reasons to Advertise

1. People have new wants and needs every day. Very few people have a need for any specific merchandise item on any given day. In half of all general merchandise categories measured in a 2000 consumer shopping study, the consumer’s decision to buy and the actual purchase was made in one day. Frequent advertising reaches this “thin market” when they are ready to buy, not just when you are ready to sell.

2. Frequent advertising reaches your customers—regardless of reading habits. Frequency builds awareness. Awareness builds familiarity and familiarity builds trust. Conventional wisdom says that your audience needs to be exposed to your ad 2.5 times to sink in and build awareness. Just like dieting, advertising gets the best results over time. Each ad builds on prior brand recognition.

3. Frequency offers you the best rates. We offer significant incentives for increasing frequency. Whether these incentives are for repeating an ad in a certain period or for contracting to run a certain amount of space over time or investing a certain amount of money, newspapers recognize the need for frequency and encourage customers to use it.

4. Today’s ad may influence—but tomorrow’s will close the deal for a lukewarm prospect. Like pushing a ball up a hill, it is better to push slowly than to push quickly and run out of energy halfway up.

5. Frequent advertising helps you beat your competition. If you are not advertising as much as your competition does, who is more likely to reach the consumer who is ready to shop?

6. Everyday you:
• Open your store.
• Keep your shelves stocked.
• Keep your phone connected.
• Have your staff come to work.
Shouldn’t you invite customers in by advertising frequently?
Advertising is one of your smallest expenses. Yet, not using it often enough can kill your business. For the average business, the investment in advertising could be as low as 2–3 percent.

7. Advertising frequently = higher than average results. Every business needs new customers each week. A study conducted by the Advertising Research Federation showed that more frequently advertised products resulted in higher

8. Frequent advertising helps you spread your sales evenly throughout the year. You can avoid spikes in customer traffic, efficiently utilize resources and manage inventory.

9. Frequency helps your advertising cut through the clutter. Mohammed Ali did not become heavyweight champion of the world by punching 20 people one time each. No, he became the champ by punching one guy 20 times. By applying
frequency to the poor opponent’s head, Ali was able to bring his message home.

10. People forget! What are the statistics about how fast people forget? It used to be that something like 80 percent forget a message in 24 hours. But, I forget.

Source: TV Dimensions, 1996, Television Bureau of Advertising.